COVID-19 Protocols

The following protocols are in our different services and points of the tours and walk/hike as a preventive measure for COVID-19.

From 07-08-2020 and on.

1-The visitors will be received at the main office door and the must:
a-Everybody must washed and dry their hands properly in the sink installed outside of the office.
b-They have to clean their shoes at the carpet over the entrance.
c-They have to wear any surgical mask or face shield to access to the office.
d-They have to allow us to take the temperature.
e-Anyone who doesn´t follow these requirements can not enter to the office.

2- Only one person from each social bubble or family can enter to purchase their tickets or payment of the tour, as well as to sign the logbook.

3- A two meters high glass was installed at reception with 10cm. open to do procedures and payments.

4- Cleaning will be done constantly in all areas (reception, parking, restaurant and bathrooms).

5- A pedal or sensor mechanism was installed in the bathrooms sinks, parking area, restaurant and office.

6- All our employees and staff must wear a surgical mask or face shield in the development of its functions, as well as the requirement of washing their hands and use of gel alcohol (except in the water).

7- The occupation of the restaurant, office and waterfall will be half capacity.

8-The capacity of people on the horseback tour and 4×4 truck tour will be reduced to 50% except if it is the same social bubble or family.

9-The walk/hike will be done with reservations ahead of time and the space is limited in the first re-opening period.

10- For all our tours and hike it is necessary to make a prior reservation.

We recommend that visitors keep a distance of 1.8m from each person, stay with their social bubble, use personal protective equipment and frequent washing or disinfection of hands.