Nauyaca Waterfalls

We have dedicated these considerations to take into account so that you enjoy the experience of Nauyaca Waterfall experience in the best way:
  • You need to have a reservation confirmation from our company so that it is effective, it will be delivered to the email address on the reservation form.
  • The walk is NOT recommended for children or people with any or some of the following health problems: heart problems, obesity, asthma, pregnant women or any physical condition that limits it to this kind of activity.
  • When arriving at the falls there is a staircase of approximately 100 meters that works as access to them, so it is mandatory to go through them.
  • We only accept VISA / MASTERCARD credit or debit cards
Characteristics of the attractions according to the time of year:


In winter it is possible that it rains in the evenings or all the day, reason why the saturation of the ground is predominant and generates mud; that the river possibly increases its current and flow so it will be difficult to swim; In addition, sometimes the river will be somewhat dirty.

It is worth mentioning, for security reasons it is forbidden to swim in the river if there is heavy rain, so it is requested to leave the water immediately.


The size of the cataract will decrease especially in March, this due to the predominant dry conditions of the time; In addition, the roads will have enough dust and the sensation of heat will increase.

Nauyaca Waterfalls exist to give you an unforgettable experience and some memorial memories.