Please take the following considerations

To carry out the walk you must first buy the admission ticket in our office, you do not need a reservation, the price is $ 8 dollars for foreigners or ¢ 3,000 colones for nationals or residents.

This is NOT a tour, you are going on your own.

It is not recommended for young children, seniors, pregnant women or for people with health problems.

The distance is 12 kilometers (6 outbound and 6 back) of a complicated road.

If you have a 4×4 car, you can go 2 kilometers to the parking lot.

The food offered is only for tours.

It is recommended to bring sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes.

Parking is free

Our address can be found here.

Nationals and residents can use the “national” promotional code so the ticket will cost $ 6 if they make the purchase in the Web



We offer a Hike/Walk through the mountains, a journey to reach the falls

Please take the following considerations


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