COVID-19 Protocols

The following protocols are in our different services and points of the tours and walk/hike as a preventive measure for COVID-19.

From 07-08-2020 and on.

  1. The visitors have to wear any surgical mask  to access to the office.
  2. Only one person from each social bubble or family can enter to purchase their tickets or payment of the tour, as well as to sign the logbook.
  3. A two meters high glass was installed at reception with 10cm. open to do procedures and payments.
  4. Cleaning will be done constantly in all areas (reception, parking, restaurant and bathrooms).
  5. A pedal or sensor mechanism was installed in the bathrooms sinks, parking area, restaurant and office.
  6. All our employees and staff must wear a surgical mask  in the development of its functions, as well as the requirement of washing their hands and use of gel alcohol (except in the water).
  7. For all our tours and hike it is necessary to make a prior reservation.

We recommend that visitors keep a distance of 1.8m from each person, stay with their social bubble, use personal protective equipment and frequent washing or disinfection of hands.